Out in the day/sunbathing/asleep in the open

sunbathingHedgehogs do not normally sleep on paths or sunbathe in the open on lawns. They will usually be in nests or in long grass, so if you suddenly find one asleep on a path or wobbling across your lawn then please don’t ignore it.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures that should be sleeping during the day and foraging for food at night.  If you find one out in the daytime it usually indicates that there is an underlying problem with the hedgehog and that it needs help. Often with these cases the animal is also suffering from dehydration so needs to be contained.

Place it in a secure container, DEEP box, cat carrier etc and contact us for advice straight away.

A sick hedgehog does not have the luxury of time as by the time you see it, it will be extremely ill.

NOTE: If the hedgehog has a mouthful of leaves or baby then it’s moving nests and doesn’t necessarily need help, just monitor from a distance to make sure it gets where it’s going safely.