Is caused by a tiny burrowing mite that lives in the environment. A hedgehog with mange can look like it’s covered in powder or has been rolling around in mud. It can also make the hedgehog appear blind, as if it has no eyes at all. Crusting can appear on the body and the face area and can be so severe that the hedgehog resembles a concrete ball or has no prickles at all!

Mange CAN be treated so if you see a hedgehog with mange, please use gloves or a towel and capture the hedgehog carefully. Place the hedgehog in a DEEP box, cat carrier or crate and ensure it cannot escape.

Hedgehogs with mange can smell bad and often attract flies, so it is important that you contact us for help.

Mange is treated using several options. Ivermectin/Ivomectin (via injection) can be done by your local Vet Clinic. Also you can use specific cat ‘flea’ treatment products. HOWEVER please don’t be tempted to raid your cat flea treatments and treat the animal yourself without talking to us first.  SOME of the products are safe for a hedgehog and others will KILL the animal.

Dose rates and the name of the product is super important so please contact us before being tempted to dive in head first!