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Things we need

Health Service Workers

If your place of employment regularly throws out items which have reached their usage date, please ask your managers to consider donating them to a wildlife rescue. Needles, syringes, gloves, forceps etc all cost money and donations of these can be a huge help, especially when they will otherwise just go to waste.

Financial Donations

Each Hedgehog costs around $10 per week to feed and house and medications are an additional expense. All financial donations are gratefully received, a single donation or a regular commitment, everything helps and everything goes on the animals.

You can donate safely using our bank details shown in the box on the right.

Things Donations

As an alternative to a financial donation our little prickly people would be very grateful for the following:

Always need:


These are vital to keep the really sick guys warm whilst treatment is going on.

We never have enough and the incubators are usually occupied. These really can be a lifesaver and we’ll take as many as we can get.

The only proviso is they must be 8-10W and ideally temperature controlled and capable of being left on 24/7. Some of the pads must be turned off after an hour to avoid overheating and these are no good for our patients.


towelsKitchen rolls or thick paper towels

We go through these like you would not believe when cleaning out cages which are done every day and sometimes twice a day.

Hedgehogs make the most appalling mess given the chance and it’s vital we keep everything scrupulously clean to prevent disease transfer.





foodetcFood and bedding


  • Tinned dog and/or cat food (no gravy please).
  • Small cat biscuits or tiny dog biscuits.
  • Tubs of “Vitapet” lactose free pet milk. For the tiny babies straight from the nest not yet weaned.
  • Fleece blankets (without holes and stitching which may pull and cause injuries).
  • Small plastic storage boxes with or without lids. Size approx. 12″ x 8″. These make great nest boxes and are easy to sterilise.


Operational items:


  • Bulldog clips and small S shaped hooks for hanging notes on hog cages
  • Printer paper and A4 card
  • Envelopes (any size or shape)
  • Stamps
  • Good condition hutches. Every time we think we’re full, another one turns up!

All donations will be very gratefully accepted and, if edible, gratefully eaten!