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The other day I got a desperate call from a friend, she is a staunch character but was crying. She was in Pt Chev and had found a hedgehog on the side of the road. Normally, no problem.
This one has tied to it's sides.... 🤯 fireworks 😡, spent ones too. I don't know how long they has been tied to it but from the wounds that were mostly healed, it had been some time.
She removed the fireworks and brought it to me. Sorry looking specimen, very, very skinny and dehydrated. Amazing it was not covered in maggots.
I dealt to the wounds and settled it down with food and water. Before long it was into the food and managed to eat most of it in one sitting.
Next morning, much to my surprise, it was alive. Later that day, gone. 😥
We can't save them all, but never stop trying.
My thoughts drift to the lowlife that did it, the parents of the child, what will that child be in a few years time, what will that child do next and to what?
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Foster home needed urgently for a hog in Dunedin.
Please PM me if you can take this hog.

Foster home also needed for a hog in Levin.
Please PM me if you can take on this wee fellow.

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Now in care. Foster home needed for 60gr hoglet in or near Birkdale.
He will need syringe feeding.
PM me if you can look after this wee fellow.
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Foster person needed for a hedgehog in Hastings.
PM me if you can take care of this fellow.
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