Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand

Copyright: janpietruszk / 123RF Stock Photo

Welcome to the web site for Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand.

Sick/Orphaned/Injured hedgehogs need help QUICKLY. Please gently capture the hedgehog & place in a DEEP SIDED box & bring inside. Offer only cat/dog food & water.

Next, please message us with your general LOCATION and all telephone numbers – ensure the hedgehog is secure first! We WILL call you.

This site is dedicated to Hedgehogs &  Rescuers – in the hope we save as many as possible. Special thanks must go to the following people that we work with:

  • Lyn Macdonald (QSM)
  • Dr Berend Westera (BVsc BD)
  • Gill Lucraft of Hedgehog Bottom in the UK

Without their help, rescuing would certainly be more complicated.

A huge thumbs up to fellow New Zealanders who work tirelessly to foster these lovely animals back to health. Lastly, we must not forget other Veterinarians all over New Zealand who work with us to assist the rehabilitation process of our hedgehogs.

Thank you.

We are a non-incorporated society and this site was founded by Narelle Davis (Retired) & Jacqui Blair of New Zealand.